The Act Story
ACT in Africa was launched in 2014 after extensive research in Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and South Africa, which enabled the ACT team to understand the entrepreneurial landscape on the African continent, and identify gaps and opportunities for entrepreneurship development.

The first ACT program was piloted as a 3-day program at Africa University in Zimbabwe in 2014. After further development, the program was run consecutively as two 7-day courses hosted by Africa University and the University of Zimbabwe. Based on thay experience, a two-week program has been created, and will be run annually.

The Progression and Future of ACT

ACT gives Zimbabweans aged between 18 - 35 the opportunity to learn and put entrepreneurial concepts into practice. The program is actively working on the inclusion of women and youth from out of Harare. We keep the admission numbers for the program small to ensure that the participants receive a sufficient amount of attention from our teaching team.

After successfully completing the ACT program, selected teams are given support in the form of mentorship, assistance in building a minimum viable business and, if milestones are met, access to seed capital.
The program received more than 200 applications from across Zimbabwe, of which ACT selected 21 participants. The class of 2016, made up of 33% women underwent an intensive 2 week entrepreneurship program. 5 teams went through 44h of classes, 24h of fieldwork and followed a design thinking process to come up with their business idea. After pitching their idea to judges, 1 winner was selected.
How You Can Get Involved
Act in Africa is focused on developing an ecosystem enabling young African entrepreneurs to implement and scale their business ideas. We cannot achieve this objective alone, and invite you to take part in producing the next generation of African entrepreneurs.
ACCESSIBLE MARKETS Access to markets is a crucial success factor for any entrepreneur. If you would like to assist young entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe gain access to local and foreign markets, and you are interested in finding out more about our Alumni's businesses, please contact us.
HUMAN CAPITAL AND WORKFORCE If you know of any talented and hardworking young people within your organizations that might benefit from the ACT program, please encourage them to sign-up for our newsletter so that we can notify them of the 2017 application dates.
GOVERNMENT AND REGULATORY A supportive regulatory environment is essential to the growth of any entrepreneurial ecosystem. Please visit our resources page for more information.
CULTURAL SUPPORT The culture of entrepreneurship is relatively new and we need everyone to understand why developing entrepreneurship is important for economic growth. Please read our blog for more insights or get in touch to start a conversation.
SUPPORT SYSTEM AND MENTORSHIP Young aspiring entrepreneurs are more likely to succeed if they have someone with local and regional expertise in areas such as finance, marketing, strategy, business and leadership assisting them. If you would like to help mentor a young entrepreneur and you have a minimum of 2 hours a month to spare, please sign-up to our mentor database.
UNIVERSITIES AS CATALYSTS If you are a university that wishes to give your students an edge, please get in touch and we will happily come and speak to your students about this life changing opportunity and explain how they can participate.
EDUCATION AND TRAINING We invite you to sponsor the participation of a student or to give a workshop on your area of expertise to our alumni or incoming cohort. Please contact us for more information.
FUNDING If you are a development agency, foundation, venture capital firm, or any other institution looking to provide financial support to the young entrepreneurs that graduate from our program, please register on our website so that we can inform you of any funding and investment opportunities as they become available.
Contact Us
Our office: (+263) 772 49 66 73
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