Human Centred Design Training Program

What is Human Centred Design (HCD)

Human centred design is a creative problem-solving method pioneered by the Stanford and popularised by the design consultancy firm IDEO. It is an approach that puts humans at the very centre of the creative process, and yields solutions that are tailor-made to suit their needs. Human centred design is about empathising with the people you’re designing for; brainstorming many ideas; rapidly building prototypes; testing these prototypes in order to get feedback; re-designing the prototypes as many times as needed; and eventually introducing a new product or service that responds to the end-users’ needs.

There are three main building blocks in the HCD process. The first stage, referred to as the "Inspiration Phase", helps you empathise with potential end-users that you are designing a product, process, or service for. From this phase you will learn and truly appreciate your end-users’ core needs.

In the "Ideation Phase" you’ll make sense of the insights you will have gained during the inspiration phase, identify opportunities for design, and prototype possible solutions. Finally, in the "Implementation Phase" you’ll bring your solution to life, and eventually to market, through a process of feedback and iteration. Because your end-users will have been at the centre of your process from the very beginning, the likelihood that your product or service is successful will be much greater.

Check out this Human Centred Design video that gives you some insight into how the HCD process works.

The Training Program

If you are successful in your application to join the HCD training program, and have paid the USD 50.00 fee (or equivalent), you will be invited to join the 2020 HCD cohort. Training will run from September 7th until October 2nd 2020, on weekdays only, between 08:30 and 17:00.

During the first two weeks of the program you will learn about the fundamentals of Human Centred Design and how it works. The training will equip you with the knowledge and practical experience to plan, run and synthesise a user-centred, participative research process.

During the second two weeks and final part of the program, you will be placed in a team where you will apply the HCD skills you have acquired to solve some of our corporate partners' business challenges, and you will present your solutions to their senior team. This will give you an opportunity to apply your HCD skills in the real world.

Upon completion of the HCD Program you will be eligible for a paid internship as an HCD Researcher in the ACT Business Growth Program. Depending on the quality of your work during the internship, you may be invited to become an HCD Research consultant for xACT Design. Please note that this opportunity will be offered to the most promising participants only.

Training Dates


Human Centred Design (HCD)Training Program

The first part of the training will be led by two HCD Experts on how to conduct Human Centred Design Research.


7 September  - 18 September


Human Centred Design  - Corporate Hack

After the main training is complete, program participants will be required to apply their newly acquired skills to real corporate challenges.



21 September - 2 October

Applications are now closed!

The online application portal is now closed. For any questions, please whatsapp Munya on +263 773 477 271.