Coaching Team


Alex Aiden

Alex is the Founder of Common Ground Labs, a social innovation design studio and entrepreneur incubator that bridges social divides. Her work is focused on activating, training and sustaining entrepreneurs from populations in social division.

Alex and her team have been developing a blockchain based reputation system to unlock capital for those traditionally excluded from the fundraising ecosystem. Her previous experience includes co-leading the development of the Building Blocks project as a Project Manager at World Food Programme’s Innovation Accelerator. Building Blocks leverages blockchain to make WFP’s cash assistance more efficient.

kevin farr

Kevin Farr

Kevin is not your typical business person. He is an artist, a strategist and stakeholder capitalist with over 15 years of agency, brand, and start-up experience. As a student and practitioner of the arts, business philosophy, and organizational behavior, Kevin has utilized his multidisciplinary, systems-thinking approach to design and deploy multiple agency service lines, build and scale internal marketing departments and provide strategic management and leadership for award-winning campaigns. Kevin's teams have driven top-line revenue, reduced waste, decreased cost per acquisition, increased brand awareness, and altered the trajectory of companies and brands.

His clients include Apple, Beats by Dre, Microsoft, Logitech, FDA, American Red Cross, ChildFund International, FOX Networks, HBO, Showtime, Comedy Central, Microsoft, Cox Communications, Abbott Nutrition, Schreiber Foods, Procter & Gamble, United Soy Board, GatewayBlend and a host of small and midsize start-ups.