Business Growth Program

Please note this program is open to those who have a small business that has been running for a year and has revenue over $10000 (BOND).

If your company is successful in its application to join our Business Growth Program, and has paid the USD 100.00 fee, your team will be invited to join the ACT 2019 cohort. The program will contain a series of bootcamps, some fieldwork, coaching, and a pitch day.

During the first bootcamp, starting on May 17th and lasting 3 days, will focus on design thinking, business modeling, social impact, and scale. The second bootcamp, starting on May 25th and also lasting 3 days, will focus on developing your value proposition, prototyping, product development and branding. Finally, the third bootcamp, which starts on August 5th and lasts 5 days, will focus on refining your product or service, and business fundamentals such as developing a business strategy, financial projections, and investor readiness, just to name a few.

Business Growth Program Stages (Accelerator)


Bootcamp 1

The bootcamp will provide an introduction to design thinking research, business model review and exploring pathways to growth.



17 May - 19 May




This will give you an opportunity to experiment and apply what you learnt in Bootcamp 1 in preparation for the main Design Thinking activity.



20 May - 24 May



Bootcamp 2

This bootcamp will focus on the initial insights from the first round of fieldwork, branding, value proposition, competition analysis, storytelling etc



25 May - 27 May


Research Period (Fieldwork)

Each company, supported by a design thinking researcher will carry out a research plan to better understand its end users.


3 Jun  - 22 July


Bootcamp 3

This bootcamp will focus on reviewing insights from the research period, marketing, pricing, strategy, financial projections and go-to-market.



5 Aug - 9 Aug


Graduation Pitch Day


Final Pitch to investors and partners.


First or last week of November

Do you think you are ready to take your business to the next level?

Consider applying next year and whatsapp us on +263772 49 66 73 for more info.