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To stimulate innovation and build entrepreneurial ecosystems in Southern Africa in order to catalyse economic development and create employment.

At ACT, we are committed to supporting people to reach their full potential. In a supportive environment, using a highly experiential approach, we deliver intensive human-led group training for students, graduates, entrepreneurs, employees & managers alike, making sure that each of our participants leaves with the confidence to take on new challenges and opportunities.

What is ACT in Africa About

Desired Future State
Ultimately our aim is to contribute via our action to catalyzing job creation and economic growth in Zimbabwe, facilitating the creation of 100’000 jobs in Southern Africa by 2030.

First Programme

The first ACT program was piloted as a 3-day program at Africa University in Zimbabwe in 2014 and over the years has evolved from having two distinct programs(Human Centred Design training & Business Growth Program) into the services we now offer to individuals, SMEs, corporates, NGOs, CSOs and more.

What are the stages of the experience?

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