Mission & Ambition

Our mission is to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Zimbabwe to catalyse economic development and fight unemployment.

Our ambition is to become a centre of excellence in entrepreneurship training recognised throughout Southern Africa.

What ACT is about

ACT is a design thinking and entrepreneurship development program, that seeks to help entrepreneurs better understand their end users and grow their businesses more rapidly. We provide a Design Thinking Training Program and a separate Business Growth Program that includes business training, coaching, and access to capital.

Check out this video and see what some of our Alumni say about their experience with ACT.

Our Design Thinking Training Program

If you are successful in your application to join the training program, and have paid the USD 100.00 fee, you will be invited to join the 2019 ACT Design Thinking Training Program. Classes will run from April 24th until May 15th 2019, on weekdays only.

During the first two weeks of the program you will learn about the fundamentals of Design Thinking and how it works. The training will equip participants with knowledge and practical experience in how to plan, run and synthesise a user-centered, participative research process....read more here.

Alternatively, if you have more general questions about the program please visit our FAQs.

2019 Applications Now Closed!

If you have any questions about the program please email us.


Our Business Growth Program

If your company is successful in its application to join the Business Growth Program, and your company has paid the USD 100.00 fee, your team will be invited to join the ACT 2019 cohort. The program will contain a series of bootcamps, some fieldwork, coaching, and a pitch day.

The first bootcamp, starting on May 17th and lasting 3 days, will focus on design thinking, business modeling, social impact, and scale. The second bootcamp, starting on May 25th and also lasting 3 days, will focus on developing your company's value proposition, prototyping, product development and branding. Finally, the third bootcamp, which starts on August 5th and lasts 5 days, will focus on refining your company's product or service, and business fundamentals such as developing a business strategy, financial projections, and investor readiness, just to name a few.

Please note that participation in the Business Growth Program does not guarantee that you will obtain funding.

Business Growth Program Benefits



Design Thinking Methodology

mentor (1)



Access to Networks

You will be allocated a design thinking researcher who will help you refine your business model over a 2 -3 month period.

A coach will be provide you with invaluable business advice.


As a member of the ACT community, you will have access to other entrepreneurs, freelancers and organisations.


Business Development


Inclusion Strategy


Promotion Events

Access to digital and printed materials to support the business development process.

You will develop a strategy that takes the needs of marginalised groups into account.

You will be invited to present to potential partners and investors.

2019 Applications Now Closed!

If you have any questions, please whatsapp +263 772 49 66 73.