Our Reason For Being,

Why We Exist

To stimulate innovation and build entrepreneurial ecosystems in Southern Africa in order to catalyse economic development and create employment.

What Is ACT In Africa About?

Ultimately our aim is to contribute via our action to catalyzing job creation and economic growth in Zimbabwe, facilitating the creation of 100’000 jobs in Southern Africa by 2030.

Brand Identity At Every Touch Point


Confident, Professional, Collaborative, Altruistic, Resilient, striving for excellence

Human Centric, Results Oriented, Creative and Critical thinking, Learning mindset, Leadership, Teamwork

Our Products & Services

User Research

Understanding your customers is essential to the survival and growth of your company. But how well do you know your customers? How often do you listen to their needs? Do you know how COVID has affected their habits and preferences? We can help you answer these questions. Through the practice of Human Centred Design, we have successfully conducted customer research for many entities in Zimbabwe.

Innovation Sprint

Typically a 5-day exercise where together with the client’s team, we go through a series of steps to understand the opportunity or problem, ideate possible solutions, prototype solutions, and go to the field to test the ideas with real target users. This is done in a curated and structured manner to ensure objectives for each day and the entire period are met. The idea is to help teams get unstuck, get aligned, and get answers to important questions while solving big problems FAST!


Entrepreneurship is a mindset, and it can be applied within organisations. Employees can, through entrepreneurial thinking and skills, turn an idea into a new product or service that contributes to the growth of a company. This is called intrapreneurship, and its value has been recognised by many international corporations. We are uniquely well positioned to offer trainings on this mindset shift through our almost decade of experience in Human Centred Design and entrepreneurship.

Launch Date

ACT in Africa was launched in 2014 after extensive research in Kenya, Uganda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Ghana, and South Africa, which enabled the ACT team to understand the entrepreneurial landscape on the African continent, and identify gaps and opportunities for entrepreneurship and innovation development.

How It Started

The first ACT program was piloted as a 3-day program at Africa University in Zimbabwe in 2014 and over the years has evolved from having two distinct programs(Human Centred Design training & Business Growth Program) into the services we now offer to individuals, SMEs, corporates, NGOs, CSOs and more.

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