Mission & Ambition

Our mission is to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Zimbabwe to catalyse economic development and fight unemployment.

Our ambition is to become a centre of excellence in entrepreneurship training recognised throughout Southern Africa.

What ACT is about

ACT in Africa is a holistic entrepreneurship development program that encompasses entrepreneurial training, mentorship, acceleration, and access to seed capital.

The ACT Entrepreneurship Program was launched in 2014. The curriculum was developed over a 3-year period in collaboration with MBA students from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Zimbabwe, and Africa University. It integrates global best practices in entrepreneurship training and local experience to provide a unique Entrepreneurship Program relevant to aspiring entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe.

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Check out this video and see what some of our Alumni say about the program.

Our Training Program

If you are successful in your application to join the training program, and have paid the USD 10.00 fee, you will be invited to join the ACT 2018 cohort. Classes will run during the summer of 2018. On your first day of the training program you will be provided with your schedule, study materials, and a note book. During the first week you will learn what design thinking is, and how to apply the method to real life situations. During the second week, you and your teammates will apply the design thinking skills you have acquired to solve some of our corporate partners’ business challenges, and will present your solutions to their senior team at the end of the week.

During the final week, you will continue developing the business idea you identified during the first week of the program, and we will give you all the tools you need to develop a business plan, and create a rigorous pitch. The topics covered during this part of the program include communication, basic financial modelling, marketing, and strategy.  On the last day of the training program, you and your team will present the idea you have developed during the program to local investors and business professionals.


How ACT works

ACT is a holistic entrepreneurship development program designed to teach specific skills, but also provide support to those who demonstrate their commitment to entrepreneurship.

Once the training program is over, you will be permitted to send us your business pitch if and when you are ready. If the pitch you send us reflects what you have learned during the training program, we will assign you a mentor. And if, after a mentorship period of 6 months, your mentor believes that you and your team have what it takes to become real entrepreneurs, ACT will facilitate access to seed capital to grow your business

We do not review proposals from individuals who have not previously participated in the ACT Entrepreneurship Training Program. Please note that participation in the ACT Entrepreneurship Training Program does not guarantee that you will obtain funding.

Program Stages


A three-week intensive course focusing on all stages of business development.


You will be matched to a mentor that will guide you as you refine your business plan.


You will iterate your product or service and gain traction in the market.


Seed funding will be provided to the most promising start-ups, but there are no guarantees.

What are our alumni up to?

Some of our alumni have been working on interesting start up ideas and projects. Take a look at the alumni below and what their working on. Maybe you can get inspiration to start solving problems too!

Thinking of applying for the ACT program?