Mission & Ambition

Our mission is to stimulate innovation and build entrepreneurial ecosystems in Southern Africa in order to catalyse economic development and create employment.

Our ambition is to create 100’000 jobs in Southern Africa by 2025.

What ACT is about

ACT is a Human Centred Design training and Entrepreneurship development organisation. We seek to assist youth in developing their creative skills through Human Centred Design (HCD) and help entrepreneurs grow their businesses more rapidly through a deeper understanding of their customers and markets. ACT runs three main training programs: an HCD Training program where participants will hone their research and design skills, and a Business Growth Program where entrepreneurs will gain a much deeper level of understanding of their customers and grow their businesses and the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs which focuses on empowering women embarking on their entrepreneurial journey.

Our Human Centred Design Training Program

ACT’s human centred design (HCD) training program lasts 4 weeks during which participants will become familiar with the fundamentals of human centred design, practice those fundamentals in real life situations, and learn how to plan and execute HCD research projects. Successful completion of this program can lead to an offer of a 3-month internship with ACT during which interns will continue to develop their HCD skills. At the end of the internship, participants may be invited to become part of xACT Design’s HCD consultancy team.

The HCD program participation fee is USD 50.00. The 2021 program dates will be announced in due course, and requires a full-time commitment.

If you have more questions about the HCD training program, please visit our FAQs or call +263 714 745 849.

Stay Tuned for 2021 Application Updates!

If you have any questions about the program please email us.


Our Business Growth Program

ACT’s business growth program is a 6-month deep dive into the assumptions, business model, products, and customers of each participating business, at the end of which entrepreneurs will have a totally new understanding of their business, and the tools to grow exponentially. The program is spread over 5 boot camps. The first 2 -day bootcamp will help develop entrepreneurs’ financial literacy. The second boot camp lasts 3 days and will dig deep into the fundamental assumptions of each participating business. The third bootcamp lasts 3 days. During this time entrepreneurs and HCD researchers will design a thorough research plan which will yield an unparalleled understanding of a business’ customers, and products. During the forth bootcamp, entrepreneurs will digest the findings of the HCD research, prepare a pitch deck to present to customers, and design a project plan that sets the stage for growth. In bootcamp 5, entrepreneurs will reconvene, share what has worked and what hasn’t worked, and refine the strategy that will make their businesses even more successful.

The business growth program participation fee is USD 150.00. Please visit our business growth program web page  or the FAQs page for further information on dates.

Please note that, while ACT will always seek to assist the businesses that successfully complete the business growth program as much as possible, participation in the program does not guarantee any type of funding.

Business Growth Program Benefits



Human Centred Design Methodology

mentor (1)



Access to Networks

You will be allocated an HCD researcher who will help you refine your business model over a 2 -3 month period.

A coach will provide you with invaluable business advice.


As a member of the ACT community, you will have access to other entrepreneurs, freelancers and organisations.


Business Development


Inclusion Strategy


Promotion Events

Access to digital and printed materials to support the business development process.

You will develop a strategy that takes the needs of marginalised groups into account.

You may be invited to present to potential partners and investors.

Stay Tuned for 2021 Application Updates!

If you have any questions, please whatsapp +263 714 745 849.